1. Maalem Mahmoud Gania
    Essaouira, Morocco
  2. Rodrigo Tavares
  3. Moulay Ahmed El Hassani
    Beni Mellal, Morocco
  4. Houssam Gania
    Essaouira, Morocco
  5. Nicolas Gaunin
    Padua, Italy
  6. Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe
    Brighton, UK
  7. Los Siquicos Litoraleños
  8. University Challenged
    NH, Netherlands
  9. Obay Alsharani
    Stockholm, Sweden
  10. Hassan Wargui
    Casablanca, Morocco
  11. King Champion Sounds
    NH, The Netherlands
  12. WET TUNA
  13. Blue Mysteries
    Brighton, UK
  14. Acid Mothers Reynols
    Buenos Aires, Argentina


Hive Mind Records Brighton, UK

“Music is a plane of wisdom, because music is a universal language, it is a language of honor, it is a noble precept, a gift of the Airy Kingdom, music is air, a universal existence … common to all the living.”
Sun Ra

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